About My Team: Art of Imagination


Every demonstrator with Stampin’ Up! wears many hats. One of the hats we wear is that of Team Leader. Leading a team of crafty members is a benefit we receive as a demonstrator. As your Team Leader, I strive to help and support you in your endeavors with being a demonstrator throughout your Stampin’ Up! career. I also help bring you new ideas, learn new techniques, foster fellowship and help you develop your own leadership qualities.

My team meets once a month (on the 15th of every month) and we are flexible with scheduling. Sometimes a Facebook Live video chat is the best way to meet up during busy schedule days. I mail out the project of the month to be completed during the online meeting. It’s a great way to learn a new technique and try out a few new things. You also have access to the team FaceBook group that is for team members only. Being a team member is not location based in our modern age of communication. From coast to coast, we support one another and bring our dreams to life.

Let’s make it together on Team Art of Imagination!

-Jenny Hall
YOUR future team leader and source of support and inspiration


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions you may have in regards to being a demonstrator. If there is anything you’ve wondered about and it’s not in this list, no worries! Just email me at [email protected] , I’d love to hear from you.


– What are the requirements for purchasing?

Requirements for purchasing are in the form of meeting a Quarterly Quota. The quota is $300 catalog valued merchandise per three months. The quarters are Oct-Dec, Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep. That averages out to $100 per month. And that number is based on catalog price, not what you will pay less your discount. When you become a Demonstrator at the entry level, that is titled Bronze. The basic product discount for Bronze level is 20% off catalog price in the form of an Instant Discount. When you order your merchandise, your discount will be removed immediately and you will pay only the amount that remains. If others order from you then the commission is paid to you at 20% of the catalog price by Direct Deposit to your bank account.
If you meet the quarterly minimums, you remain an active Demonstrator, regardless if you sell to any customers. That’s one of the perks of being a Hobby Demonstrator. However, there are A TON of incentives and perks to help you advance in title. Stampin’ Up! wants to help you succeed and they do everything they can to help us along. If you do not meet the quarterly minimums, then you drop as a Demonstrator and become a customer to your Upline (that would be me). You can continue to place orders with me, at no discount, or you can get the Starter Kit again (after 90 days) at the same price of $99 and join the team again. See, it’s really that easy! I had to ask Support about this a few times to make sure but yes it really is that easy. So if you can’t meet the minimums, just sign back up and get the free products in the Starter Kit.

– What is the cost to become a Demonstrator?

Here’s more of that easy part. The Starter Kit is $99, with no shipping charges. That’s right, free shipping!
You will select $125 worth of products and only pay $99, which gives you at least a free stamp set or more. Along with your selected products you will receive a Business Pack with catalogs, order forms and other supplies at no cost. Going forward you will need to purchase catalogs for distribution. Of course no catalogs are needed to view products online and receive online orders.
In your Starter Kit, you can choose ANYTHING in the catalog that fits within the cost range. Need a Big Shot, you can choose one. A huge advantage is you can order new products as well. If you join today, for example, you can order from a select list of items that are going to be available in the new catalog. Not everything is on the list, I wish it was!!, but there’s quite a bit. So that is a big perk.

– Since you are in another state, how do I do this?  What do I have to do?

My team and customer base is non-geographical. That means that I do not sit in a room in my area with only ladies from my home town. I choose to work online so I can reach out to more people that are not in my area, and that includes my team. With the technology we have now, it’s so easy to have a team meeting on video, participate in a FaceBook group that is just for team members and still get to fellowship as much as we desire. Currently my Team members live coast to coast! I myself am in New Jersey. We’re all over!!  I mail a project every month for us to assemble as we gather for a FB live video chat and demonstration. Some are not able or do not wish to participate and simply assemble the project and watch the business portion of the recording. There is also two chances for us to meet up a year. Stampin Up hosts a convention type of gathering twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. The OnStage gatherings are an incredible experience. I will be there and you would be able to attend  as well and not be alone. When at OnStage, we are given the opportunity right then to order from the next catalog before anyone else! So that is how I am able to get my new products so early. It’s another big perk. No backorders to worry about at all and you get it shipped directly to you when you place your order. If not attending, then you would wait until the catalog pre-order starts… which is about a month before the catalog begins. So in November, we will get to pre-order supplies offered in the Occasions/Spring catalog for example.

-Do I have to sell products?
I try to anticipate any questions that are common and give the info up front. I am very relaxed with my team and do not believe in putting pressure on people to perform unless they have asked me to. Some people want to start a business and others just want the discount. Once you advance from Bronze to Bronze Elite (after you reach your $900 sales mark) your discount will increase to 25% off. It’s a great incentive and easy to achieve, especially if you have friends to help place orders. Being a Hobby Demo is very common and one frequent way to join into a group of friends who craft together online and offer support to one another. We learn new techniques in our group and play with fun folding cards often.


– If I were to join today that means that I would have to spend $300 between now and the end of the Quarter?
As a courtesy, SU does not count the first quarter toward your quota. So if you join Apr-Jun, then you would need to start fulfilling quota July-Sep. If someone joins in August they will need to start fulfilling in the October quarter. Make sense? Now on the flip side of this, if you reach a 900 CSV (means $900) within the first 6 months of signing up then you are rewarded
with bonus. That incentive program is called the Quick Start Program. So they help you make a pass if you need it but encourage you to make strides as well. It’s great either way.
– Would the starter kit be included in the $300 quota?
No, the Starter Kit does not count toward either of us. I do not get CSV credit and you would not get CSV credit. Not sure why but that’s the way it’s set up. But, from the time you are approved as a Demonstrator, all future purchases count toward your CSV. If you sign up for Paper Pumpkin’s monthly kit, you get to count it toward your quota. If 11 of your friends sign up for Paper Pumpkin listing you as their Demonstrator, you will get the credit EACH MONTH for those purchased kits. That would be $19.95 x 11 =$219.45 in one month toward your quota. Any purchases you make once you are an approved Demonstrator will count toward your quota.
– Can I add additional items to the starter kit?  If I add additional items is shipping still free for those items?
You can not add any additional items to the Starter Kit. In fact, you can not let the total run over $125.00 . Any unused portion of the cost, like if there was a gap of $.45 cents and you could not find an items for that price, it would be forfeit. It works the same way with Stampin’ Rewards, those are the rewards earned when your purchase or party goes over $150.00 then you earn rewards toward free product.
Now one big perk:  when placing an order for yourself using your discount, you also get to earn Stampin’ Rewards. If your order goes to and over $150 then you earn free product rewards the same as a non-demonstrator client would earn. That has helped me personally earn some of my inventory items such as Trimmer, ink pads and such. It’s a huge perk.
– Do sale items count toward the quota?
Yes! Clearance Rack and all discounted merchandise counts toward your fulfilled quota. Remember, if you do not meet the quota then you simply sign back up with another Starter Kit. Stampin’ Up does not even ask questions about it. I have verified this myself.
– How much are shipping cost?
Shipping cost is based on the shipping method. UPS ground is a percentage of the merchandise total. There is a minimum shipping cost of $6.95 per order and will usually apply if a small item is shipped by mail. I can order a single stamp set today and pay $6.95 + applicable tax on the order.
I don’t mind questions at all and I appreciate that you would make and contemplate an informed decision. I would like to add that there is no magic formula for creating a Stampin Up business, if you are ever interested in trying that out. It’s a tremendous amount of work but on the flip side… is incredibly rewarding. I get to make my own hours and I am here for my kids in case they are sick or need to go to their many doctor visits. Both my boys have special needs and see a great deal of doctors. My husband works a day job and a schooling at night so Stampin Up is giving me the opportunity to help my family with flexibility.
Joining for the discount is the most common fashion but it’s great to know you can help friends and family by accepting their orders too. It helps you and helps them. If there are any more questions, feel free to ask! The online sign up is 24 hours accessible so you can click through it any time of day or night. All applications are screened and checked so you will not get an email confirming you are now an approved demonstrator for around a day’s time. So no need to worry. Once you are approved, I will receive an email at the same time as yours and I will pass it along to you to let you know all is well. And then we will celebrate the beginning of your journey in the Stampin’ Up! family!!!