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RAK Cards (Random Act of Kindness)

Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog today! I am taking part in a special Blog Hop for a card group I participate in, called Random Act of Kindness card group. This is a FaceBook group of card makers that send a card to another person in the group… for no reason at all. It’s a mystery if you will get any cards and of what sort, the point being to send out cards to bring a smile to another’s day. This is a lovely group of people and I get very excited to send off cards around the world to these amazing people. I hope you visit all of the stops along the March RAK Blog Hop.

RAK cards I have sent

Cards have been flying around the world from my home here in New Jersey. One of the most amazing things about building friendships that amazes me, is how we can touch each other’s lives from many miles away. Many people get to know friends and never meet face to face. Because of this fantastic global company called Stampin’ Up!, I have made some of the greatest friendships and feel many kindred spirits in other parts of our world. If we are fortunate enough to be in the same country, we have an opportunity to meet up at Stampin’ Up! OnStage events and share big hugs and warm hearts.

I have mailed cards to Australia, the UK, Germany and most of the United States of America. Many of the cards I design for demonstration here on my Blog have been among the cards I have mailed. If you are in the RAK group and would like to connect with me and receive one of my cards, please leave me a comment stating this below. Being as there are hundreds of members in our group, it will take some time to get a card to everyone!

Bridge fold box card created by Jenny Hall for AddINKtive Designs at for #addinktivedesignteam #addinktivedesigns #cardmaking #stampinup #fancyfold #stamping #springtimefoilsdsp #colormehappykit #colormehappy #bridgefold #stampinblends #sweetsoiree #jennyhalldesign #jennystampsup #jennyhall #jennyhallstampinup #youtuber #scrapbooking #crafts #paperembossing #kidfriendlycraft #handmadecard #greetingcard   Cherry Blossom design card created by Jenny Hall at for #cardmaking #papercraft #artsandcrafts #crafts #colorfulseasons #romance #valentinesdaycard #handmadecard #stampinup #jennystampsup #jennyhalldesign #jennyhallstampinup #cascards #cleanandsimplecards #cherryblosom #cardmakingtechnique #cardmakingdesign #youtuber

Warm thoughts card by Jenny Hall at for #cardmaking #cardmakingvideos #stampinup #jennyhalldesign #jennyhall #jennystampsup #jennyhallstampinup #halljenny #cardmaking#stampinup #stamping #papercraft #rubberstamp #petalpalette #cardmakingdesign #cardmakingtechnique #watercolor #inksmooshing   Ribbon of Courage support card by Jenny Hall at for #cardmaking #videotutorial #cardmaingvideos #stampinup #stamping #cardmakingtechniques #silverembossingpaste #ribbonofcourage #supportribbondies #blueandgray #handstitchedcard #jennyhalldesign #jennystampsup #jennyhallstampinup #wwys #whatwillyoustampchallenge #scrapbooking


(Blog Hop list is below the RAK card list)


RAK cards I have received

I am so grateful to each sender for choosing to send a card to me. My oldest son, Trip, gets very excited to see a new card from another place in the world. We look at the cards together, he tell me what he likes best about the card and we talk about the person who has sent it and where they are sending from. He does not quite get the concept of the immense distance some cards have traveled but he does understand that it is a special card, with special intent.


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These cards were received during March and April of 2018. I save them for when the boys come home from school and we check out the fun postage and then go crazy for the cards. Thank you all for these AMAZING cards!!


Blog Hop List

I hope the projects you’ve seen here on my blog today have inspired you & brightened your day. You are currently visiting Jenny Hall in the USA. Please see the list below & hop around all of the people on the list to see all our projects.

You don’t want to miss any!

I hope you enjoy all of the crafters in the Blog Hop and see lots of great card projects.

Meanwhile, I hope you find a simple card design and make it your own.

-Jenny Hall

Tutorials available today!



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  1. Always love seeing the RAKs you’ve sent, Jenny. Beautiful as always! You and your boys have definitely had some fun moments with the lovelies you’ve received. Such a pleasure to hop with you! (((HUGS))) across the miles

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