It’s Christmas week, how is it going?

Christmas week is here, and the days are speeding by my family in a flash.

We don’t really host or attend many holiday parties, as our 2 young boys have special needs and are not inclined to mingle much. We have put up our Christmas tree and have it decorated. We have had to bring ornaments back to the tree quite a few times already! I have made a large amount of Christmas cards and gotten them mailed. I still have more to go, so I’m not out of the clear yet 🙂

Christmas gifts were ordered and most have been received (yeah!). There will need to be a bit of wrapping done but we are in no hurry to have that done, LOL. We have a houseguest staying here for the holidays, which is working out great. My mom is visiting us from Texas for a few weeks, which is great for our boys to spend quality time with Nana. We have someone else in our home that is a new addition as well. One 8 week old, yellow Labrador puppy named Lilly. (it was Lily but my husband registered her papers as Lilly, so she got an official name change!). Some of our family members pooled resources together to purchase a companion for our growing boys. She is an energetic, loving pup and the kids love her. Well, we love her too.


With only a few days left to prepare for the Christmas season, we are baking cookies and storing them to decorate on Christmas Eve. We also are making or finishing up some crafting! Here are the trees we have been working on together.



Stampin’ Up! made a video to help assemble this kit, click here to watch or watch below.

Here is a link for the project kit we are working on. It’s not too late to order it, and it’s currently on clearance!

Enjoy the season, crafters! It will not be back for another year so get those kids crafting, LOL. I am looking forward to slowing down and celebrating with my family as Christmas Day approaches. Let us not forget why we come together at Christmas to celebrate the Christ child. If you would like to share your holiday crafting stories and/or pictures, please feel free to make a comment on this post. I would love to hear from you all!

Jenny Hall


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