Mr Funny Bones’ Party Wreath Card

The Halloween rush is closing in fast. Candy on all the store shelves, jeepers and creepers shrieking at me as I walk down the aisles. Yet, we are still in the midst of hot weather here in New Jersey. There have not been enough cool days and certainly not enough rain. I am hoping that with the advent of October, it will all change at once. For a lesson in anatomy for my kids, I made a skeleton’s party card that was not too creepy. Yet, it’s a bit too creepy for me, lol.


The funny story behind making this card is really not too funny. I had an idea in my head (uh oh, not again) and just had to make the card. So a simple wreath type shape of skeleton bones turned out, in my opinion, to look like it belonged in a horror movie. So, after advice from my major-collaborator and crafty-companion, my sister, I added some purple. However, purple wasn’t enough to lighten the mood of this monstrosity. So I decided to channel Glenda the Good Witch and give it some sparkle and shine, polka dots, heart and stars and twine.


Mr Bones was still giving me the heebee geebees so I gave him crossed eyes and closed the book on this one. It’s certainly not as creepy as it was, but I think I would ruin it altogether if I gave him a pink skirt, so I refrained from adding anything else. You may be asking yourself, if she does not like this card then why is she writing about it? Well, it’s a valid question. I feel that we all make a card or two that we are not crazy about and I want you to know that you are not alone in this feeling. It happens to us all. And always remember, just because it’s not your cup of tea, doesn’t mean it is not perfect to whom you want it to belong. My sister will absolutely love this card.

Here is a list of supplies I used in making this nutty card:

Thanks for looking today, even if it’s kind of creepy. I think I am nearly scared off of Halloween cards for this year but maybe you’ll see one or two happy cards yet before it’s all over. Have a great day, ya’ll 🙂

I certainly do not want to make this one together. Nope.

-Jenny Hall
YOUR wimpy Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator

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